Our Offering

Software solutions for next generation Revenue Management

Price Management & Optimization Solutions

A SaaS platform for every day deal making (CPQ), strategic price setting, and price predictive analytics

Customer Targeting

Predict customer behavior to improve campaign targeting based on profile and transaction data and customer predictive analytics

Business Optimization

Optimize performance by relating key characteristics of your business, stores, channel network, and people with revenue generation and growth

Manage, Predict, and Optimize Revenue

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our goal, in Cube RM, is to empower enterprises to accelerate revenue growth and be more productive in the process. We do that by offering a software platform with integrated predictive analytics that helps companies to identify optimum pricing, efficiently manage quotes and tenders, understand what their customers are thinking, and better evaluate their business and optimize their processes.

Strategic Pricing

Create and manage pricelists • Pricing guidelines • Approval levels calculation and management • Dynamic periodic updates • Team workflows and interaction • Integration with everyday deal making

Deploy your Pricing Strategy

Easy deployment of pricing decisions and policies on an operational level • Incorporate customer’s business and pricing logic • Augmented data security • Team workflows, collaboration, and delegation

Empower the Sales Force (CPQ)

Quickly create accurate and effective quotes • Approvals • Rebates • Simulate revenue impact • Predict outcome scenarios • Deal evaluation via standardized KPls • Visualize complex data in an intuitive and actionable way

Predictive Price Analytics

Predict the impact of price decisions on sales performance • Incorporate competition and market dynamics into the forecasts • Estimate probability to win for sales deals • Evaluate different pricing scenarios

Predictive Customer Scoring

Predict customer probability to buy • Estimate churn probability • Identify the ideal customer profile to boost performance • Evaluate different campaign targeting and segmentation scenarios

Predictive Business Scoring

Predict sales performance based on store, channel partners, product, and people characteristics • Identify the most important business characteristics to boost sales • Evaluate different scenarios

Optimize Performance

Suggest optimum price levels • Automatically calculate pricing approval levels • Target the most promising customers • identify the ideal store, channel partners, product, and people characteristics for optimum performance

Monitor & Control

Evaluate your strategy against sales reality • Monitor sales team and deal performance • Review the approval process • Check impact of different strategic and policy scenarios • Advanced information and data visualization


Easily adapt to changing market conditions • Minimal deployment and supervision times • Minimum system integration needs with other IT systems • Smooth integration of existing, Excel-based, pricing systems